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Safe Service for Your Clothes

Laundry That Makes You Calm

Bring your laundry to our nearest outlet or we can pick-up, wash & deliver all your laundry & dry cleaning needs.

Laundry Yang Bikin Tenang
Laundry Kiloan | Laundry Hemat | Laundry Antar Jemput Gratis

Brind Your Laundry to Our Outlet / Order Online

Come directly to our dozens of outlets or order online via WA or website.

Laundry Nyaman | Laundry Online | Laundry Satuan | Dry Cleaning

Enjoy Your Extra Free Time

Enjoy your extra free time and we will pick-up your laundry according to your preference.

Laundry Antar Jemput Terdekat

Relax With Instant Delivery & Pick-up

We will deliver your clothes directly to your address. Express service is available.

Our Services

Icon Laundry Kiloan

Weight-Based Laundry

Starting from

IDR 7,000/Kg

Icon Laundry Satuan / Laundry Potongan / Dry Clean

Dry Cleaning

Starting from

IDR 10,000/pc

Laundry Tas & Sepatu .png

Shoe & Bag Care

Starting from

IDR 10,000/pc

Icon Setrika Uap.png


Starting from

IDR 8,000/Kg

Why You'll Love Us:

Enjoy Your Time 

Laundry That Makes You Calm

Enjoy Complete, Safe & Flexible Laundry Service According to Your Preference

Laundry Yang Bikin Tenang.png
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