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Tampilan Outlet QnC Laundry

Future Online Laundry Outlet

With QnC Laundry outlets, you can enjoy these advantages:

  • No need to invest in machines, capital becomes lighter!

  • The production process is taken care of by the workshop, making your business simpler and more cost efficient!

  • No need for a large space, the rental fee is much cheaper!

  • Enjoy the high turnover of Laundry Online from the QnC channel and QnC partners!

Own a Laundry Business 
Future Online

No Need to Buy a Machine!

Outlet QnC Laundry.png

Laundry Outlets

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Starting from IDR 40 Million

Cashier table,  custom cabinets & electronic equipment from computers, barcode scanners to air conditioners

You Have a Strategic Location, But No Shophouses Yet?

Start your Laundry Kiloan & Unit business with us with investment  Outlet Containers.  This investment is suitable for you with a strategic location but no shop houses.

With this investment, you can save on the cost of building a shophouse or building and start your business faster!

Outlet Container QnC Laundry.png
Usaha Laundry Modal Ringan_edited.jpg
1 time investment, easy capital & can be paid in installments

Start your Laundry Kiloan & Unit business with us. With 1 investment that is light and can be paid in installments, you can get all your Laundry business needs according to QnC Laundry standards.  

Besides, we  Provide partner support in accordance with commitments, including Laundry Employee & Management Training , access to IT Systems, Laundry SOPs and Clear Operating and Service Standards , Outsource Customer Service, Marketing & Audit as well as Brand Licenses and QnC Laundry Awards .

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