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Eco & Skin Friendly

Shoe & Bag Care

The perfect service for your Shoes & Bags. 

Enjoy professional & curated services for your Shoes & Bags. All items are processed with special methods and chemicals.

Laundry Sepatu Terdekat | Laundry Tas Terdekat

How It Works

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Perawatan Ahli Laundry Sepatu & Laundry Tas
Packing Laundry Sepatu | Packing Laundry Tas

Video Recording

We video record your items in the workshop to prevent your items from being lost, damaged or switched.


We inspect all your items for stains and damages to ensure your items are returned in clean & like-new condition.

Expert Care

We take care & clean each item according to the material, type and the condition of the item to ensure optimal quality.

Neat Packaging

All finished items will be packed with special packaging for each item. 

How it works


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Mountain Backpack

Sling bag

Waist bag

Starting from

IDR 10,000

IDR 18,000

IDR 12,000

IDR 20,000

Laundry Sepatu.jpg

Casual Shoes


Leather shoes

Starting from

IDR 10,000

IDR 15,000

IDR 12,000

Laundry Tas & Laundry Sepatu Kilat
Other Items
Starting from


Scarf/ Shawl

Ciput/ Beanie

Socks/ Gloves

Arm Cuff

Cover/ Inner


IDR 8,000

IDR 8,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 100,000

** Per Nota Transaksi

*Final prices may vary between cities. Please confirm with our Customer Service / Receptionist


We are ready to pick up & deliver your clothes 7 days a week, morning to night.

You can schedule an instant pick up or according to your preferred time.

Free Delivery

Enjoy Free Delivery up to IDR 15,000 with a minimum transaction of IDR 50,000.

Laundry Sepatu & Laundry Tas Antar Jemput Gratis
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Enjoy Professional & Curated Dry Cleaning Service

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