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Eco & Skin Friendly

Shoe & Bag Care

The perfect service for your Shoes & Bags. 

Enjoy professional & curated services for your Shoes & Bags. All items are processed with special methods and chemicals.

Laundry Express


Laundry Tas & Laundry Sepatu Kilat
Other Items
Starting from


Scarf/ Shawl

Ciput/ Beanie

Socks/ Gloves

Arm Cuff

Cover/ Inner


IDR 8,000

IDR 8,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 5,000

IDR 100,000

** Per Nota Transaksi


We are ready to pick up & deliver your clothes 7 days a week, morning to night.

You can schedule an instant pick up or according to your preferred time.

Free Delivery

Enjoy Free Delivery up to IDR 15,000 with a minimum transaction of IDR 50,000.

Laundry Sepatu & Laundry Tas Antar Jemput Gratis
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Enjoy Professional & Curated Dry Cleaning Service

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