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Laundry Shuttle Terms & Conditions

Laundry Shuttle Terms & Conditions
  1. Ready for instant (same day) or non-instant (minimum D-1) bookings

  2. Valid for all items in kilograms and units (excluding items such as Mats and Large Carpets)

  3. For non-instant orders, there is no transfer fee for transactions of any size

  4. For instant order,

    • There is a shuttle fee for transactions under IDR 50,000

    • Free pick up and drop off fees for transactions up to IDR 50,000  with a maximum of IDR 15,000

  5. Laundry Shuttle is guaranteed with the same service T&C as regular laundry

  6. Neither QnC Laundry nor Ride-Hailing couriers accept payments. Payment please be made online according to the link provided by the admin or on the ordering channel

QnC Laundry Service Terms & Conditions

To order a pick-up laundry service. Please click the button below.

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