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Open a QnC Laundry Partnership with a Loan

QnC Laundry collaborates with KoinWorks, an online funding platform and presents KoinBisnis as a solution for entrepreneurs or MSMEs to increase turnover with business loans. ​

With KoinBisnis, QnC Laundry Partners can apply for a loan for business capital of up to IDR 2 billion with interest starting from 0.75% percent per month. The tenor or period of time that can be chosen also varies from 6 to 24 months.


The capital loan provided can later be used to open QnC Laundry outlets, inventory needs for QnC Laundry outlets, branch expansion, to explore your products.

Apart from having an official permit and being supervised by a Government Institution (OJK) and having a guarantee,
security, KoinBisnis from KoinWorks also has several excellent features, such as:

Affordable Interest & Fees

With low interest rates between 0.75% - 1.75% per month, you can get business financing of up to IDR 2 billion.

Flexible Tenor

Adjust the term to your needs. Tenors are available from 6 months to 24 months, please choose according to your needs.

No Collateral

Capital loans from KoinBisnis do not require collateral, very suitable for you online business owners.

Pay Off Early Without Fee

Pay off your loan without worrying about penalty fees. You can pay off the loan earlier than the tenor at no cost.

What are you waiting for, let's grow your business with an online business capital loan with KoinBisnis from KoinWorks!
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